Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for treating superficial and unnecessary veins. It involves injecting veins with a harmless solution that causes the body to safely absorb the superfluous vein. This is a very safe technique that has been used for many years. Dr. Brown makes it even safer by using the foam technique, used by leading vein specialists. Dr. Brown mixes the newest solution on the market, called Asclara, with air to make a foam, and injects it into the veins with a tiny needle. This allows the use of less solution, and is a more effective and almost painless treatment. Usually somewhere between 3 and 5 treatments is ideal, but you will see some results after one. It’s possible to treat hands, face, and the temple area as well as your legs. Complications with this treatment are very rare, although bruising is common, and there is no significant downtime.

How does Laser Vein Therapy work?

The Cutera 1064 Yag Laser system safely delivers pulses of light energy which cause the blood within the vein to coagulate, eventually destroying the vessel which is later reabsorbed by your body. Blood flow will then be redirected to less visible veins deeper below your skin’s surface.

How many treatments will I need?

Often, patients find that one or two treatments are sufficient. However, the number of treatments necessary depends on the location, number, color, and size of the vessels being treated. Since individual results vary, ask Dr. Brown about your specific condition.

Do the treatments hurt?

Throughout this procedure, the exceptional cooling system of the Cutera laser cools the skin making it the safest system available with minimal pain. Most patients experience a mild stinging sensation as the pulses of energy are delivered through the handpiece. Although no local anesthesia or pain medication is typically required, many patients opt to use numbing cream before treatment. Following the treatment, the pain is minimal to nonexistent.

What are the possible side effects?

Although many patients report few if any side effects, those most commonly noticed are slight reddening and local swelling of the skin. These effects typically last for less than 24 hours. Sometimes bruising occurs, but it is rare.

When will I see results?

Most patients find that the majority of the treated veins are significantly better within two to six weeks of treatment. However, your final results may not be apparent for several months. Over time, it is possible for new veins to appear, but these too can be removed with the Cutera Laser.