"Dr. Brown specializes in Botox, Juvéderm, and laser treatments. She is a great doctor and I’ve been going to her forever. She’s an amazing Botox artist, a Juvéderm perfectionist, and a laser master but more than those things she’s a genuine human being. Dr. Brown cares about you in a real way, and tries to make you feel better. She’s ethical and honest and if you don’t need a treatment she won’t give it to you, even if you beg. I tell all my friends about her. She won’t take advantage of you, always tries to be fair, and her prices are below the norm. Try this office; it’s gorgeous and by far the best place in the valley for your anti-aging treatments."

-Susan C, Topanga Canyon

"Amazing Doctor: I was so impressed with Dr. Brown! She treats you as if she is making a house call in the 1800’s. She takes all the time in the world with you. She treats the whole patient."

- A Yahoo! Local User

"Dr. Brown is EXCELLENT at administering Botox. She always keeps it very natural and it is virtually pain (and bruise) free. She has kept my face looking natural for years and she is always upfront and honest with what she thinks would benefit your skin."

-Randi S., San Fernando, CA

"This is an excellent and professional practice! Dr. Brown specializes in skin treatments, Botox®, JUVÉDERM®, laser treatments, hair removal, and a long list of other services. You will not find a better doctor in town. Dr. Celia Brown knows everything there is about skin and then some. She has been my family doctor for a very VERY long time.

This is a beautifully decorated office that for which you will feel at home. Christie, who works at the front desk, is so helpful, kind, and easy to speak with. She will always greet you with a friendly smile when you walk in and as well as when you leave.

Dr. Brown even has a esthetician in the office named Aundrea. I would highly recommend going to her if you are having issues with acne or blemishes. She will clear them right up for you!

You will get your monies worth with Dr. Brown and she gives you her full, undivided attention in a comfortable private office. She will determine the best route to treat whatever your issue is. I love her because she tells you exactly what the problem is and how to fix it. I have always gotten results. I have had plenty of services here myself. Chemical peel facials from Rachel, laser hair removal on my arms, and other assorted visits for skin conditions that Dr. Brown help clear up right away!! A+++ service!!!"

-Nadia Y., West Hills, CA

"Skin Care at Its Best!

No one will take better care of you than Dr. Brown. She will keep both you and your skin looking healthy and beautiful. Dr. Brown is one of the most kind, patient and thoughtful doctors that you will ever meet. She is a true artist, and you can completely trust her judgment."

- Diane, Los Angeles, CA

"Impeccable quality at half the price. Not only is Dr. Brown extremely talented at her craft, but she is very personable and takes the time to get to know you as an individual. Her assistant Cristy is extremely friendly and will bend over backwards to make your visit a pleasant one. Will recommend all my girlfriends =) "

- Bumble B. Los Angeles, CA

"I absolutely love this place. I have been going here for about 10 years and hope to continue to go for another 10. The office is bright, beautiful, clean, and private. The staff is friendly, nice, professional, and knowledgeable. Everyone can answer your questions thoroughly. Dr. Brown and her staff care about you as a patient and as a person.

Dr. Brown is brilliant and unbelievably talented at assessing your individual needs and explaining the many available treatment options she can offer. She has a ton of experience with injectables and knows almost innately where they should be injected. You don’t come out looking like the quintessential plasticky women that are abundant around here – with Dr. Brown, you’ll achieve subtle but noticeable differences that definitely boost your confidence. You come here and you definitely get the results you were looking for.

Dr. Brown is the best and I’ll never go anywhere else. I absolutely recommend her office to anyone seeking beautification, minor or drastic." 

- Tina S., Santa Clarita, CA 

"A Doctor with time for you: Most visits to doctors involve discomfort, alienation and being treated like a statistic. If they’re with you for more than ten minutes it’s unusual. But visits to Dr. Brown are very different. Dr Brown’s comfortable, beautiful waiting room soothes you the moment you walk in the door. Her staff and associates are pleasant and welcoming. And Dr Brown herself always has that rarest of all commodities — time. She is a thorough professional who takes time to know and hear her patients. She is honest, knowledgable and experienced, and I can’t imagine going to any other doctor."

- A Yahoo! Local User

Dr. Brown’s office has a huge selection of magazines in their waiting room. I was able to find some of my favorites and they kept me entertained while I was waiting for my appointment. They were ready to see me shortly after I arrived for my appointment. Every time I come here Christy always remembers me by name and greets me as soon as I walk in the door, even if it’s been months since my last appointment. They are so thoughtful and amazingly sweet.. Dr. Brown is amazingly thorough. She maps out on a diagram of a face what she plans to do. She does whatever she can to alleviate any pain or discomfort. I always leave with a smile on my face.

- Dancingstar R., Woodland Hills, CA