DYSPORT: Is it better than Botox? YOU decide. 

Come in and try Dysport between March 11th and March 30th

Get $75 off your treatment and use your points for more savings. 

Dysport is a different “Brand” of the same purified protein that is in Botox. They have different names but they basically act in the same way. Think Advil and Aleve. We label the units differently, but Dr. Brown takes care that the equivalent amounts will be injected. We personally believe that Dysport kicks in quicker than Botox and may even last a bit longer.

Dysport has been used here and in Europe for many years, and is just as safe and effective as Botox.

With Botox pricing going up soon, this is the perfect time to try Dysport!

*(A minimum of 75 units is required (25 Botox Units)

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