Fraxel Has Arrived at Skin Renaissance!


Stimulate New Collagen

It turns out that fractionated treatments, of all kinds, are the best way to improve skin. Fractionated means that you put tiny holes into the skin and leave intact areas around the holes. It’s like aerating your grass with one of those spiky tools. So as these tiny wounds heal they produce lots and lots of new collagen throughout your skin. This is a big improvement over older methods of skin rejuvenation.

How Does It Work?

The laser has two wavelengths, (essentially two lasers in one). It has a 1550 wavelength which is very good for scars and deeper wrinkles, and a 1927 wavelength, which is excellent for improving irregular texture, pigment, and general rejuvenation. It has a Zimmer cooling device attached, which makes for a safer and more comfortable treatment.

Why Does FRAXEL Work Better?

FRAXEL adds heat to the tiny holes placed in the skin, and it is the heat which is an essential trigger for the complete wound healing 

What If I Have Sensitive Skin?

FRAXEL can be adjusted for all skin types, and meets the needs of most of our patients.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This fractionated method stimulates a rapid wound healing cascade and extensive new collagen formation. It makes your skin look younger, fresher and cleaner by stimulating new collagen growth in the first treatment, but generally 3 treatments.

Is There A Downtime?

There is about a 4-day average downtime for an effective Fraxel treatment when the skin looks sunburned, brownish, and scaly. Typical Side effects may include feelings of dry, tender or itchy skin. There is sun sensitivity for several weeks following the treatment.