Microneedling-Superior Skin Repair


Skin Damage Repair

The Microneedling procedure uses an automatic pen type device fitted with multiple tiny needles.  These extremely fine needles puncture the skin creating micro-injuries.  As these miniscule wounds heal, the cells which signal the growth of collagen and elastin flood the area. Collagen and elastin are the building blocks of the skin, so more of them lead to plumper and firmer skin. Thus the healing process itself rejuvenates your skin.

What Is Microneedling?

Dr. Brown uses a device called the Dermapen. It has tiny needles which move up and down very rapidly piercing the skin. These minuscule wounds create new collagen, the structural support of your skin, and generally smooth skin texture. Microneedling works by activating the wound healing cascade– this means that if you damage the skin just a little, it will respond by getting healthier.

How Fast Does It Work?

Because microneedling is not an extremely aggressive treatment, you will need multiple treatments spread over several months.

How Will My Skin Feel After?

Depending upon the depth of the needles used, you may feel anything from warmth and redness like a sunburn to a more rashy red, and swollen sensation. Your skin may also feel tight and very warm.

What Problems Can it Treat?

We recommend Microneedling for fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing aging skin, improving acne scarring, reducing brown spots, and improving the appearance of large pores and stretch marks.


Can Microneedling be combined with other treatments?

Yes it is often combined with chemical peels for deeper and faster results.  It is also combined with PRP (platelet rich plasma), for faster healing and better penetration of the PRP's growth factors.  At Skin Renaissance we always combine our Micro-needling with topical anti-aging serums, ensuring they reach their target skin depth.

Is Microneedling Painful?

It can be if the pen is used at depths needed to treat scars, but this is managed easily with a topical numbing cream.