Three is a Charm - PCA Peel #3

It's nice when the phrase Three is a Charm actually rings true in your life. Last week I had my THIRD PCA PEEL at Dr. Brown's and my skin keeps getting better and better. The results? Less pigmentation (so my skin looks more even) and more hydration.

What I didn't expect was a lesson in the different types of peels that go on our face. When Dr. Brown says she customizes every facial, she really does. I actually learned that our skin changes every 21 days. On the one hand that's a scary thought but then again, if by "change" it means we slough off old skin, then I'm all for that! The PCA Peel that Aundrea administered this time contained Salicylic Acid. Now normally I would have thought this would be strictly for acne prone patients; however, the Salicylic acid's main function is to actually increase the amount of moisture while eliminating sticky skin cells. By loosening up those sticky skin cells, the end result is shedding that old dull looking skin.

On day 2 (the day you get to wash the PCA Peel off), I was pleasantly surprised to find that while my skin felt tight, it did not feel dry. And on day 3 I was really shocked to find I wasn't peeling nearly as much as the previous 2 peels AND the fine lines above my lips appeared softer (hallelujah!).

If one of your New Year's resolution is to improve your skin, this is hands down one of the best ways to do it. Don't hesitate to call Dr. Brown's office (818.222-8232) and schedule a skin consultation. You won't regret it....more importantly, you deserve it!