The Second Peel is the Key

I know Dr. Brown wrote about the PCA Peels a few Newsletters ago and I was excited to give them a try but as always, I won’t write about anything that I haven’t experienced myself first hand. Writing this blog/testimonial gives me a chance to share what changes I have noticed so that if you’ve been hesitating to try these Peels, this should help in your decision making.

So let’s be really clear. The PCA Peel is NOT A FACIAL! Aundrea and I were discussing this last time I came in for my 2nd Peel (a series of 5 peels is what Dr. Brown recommends). I say this not to deter you but rather help you set realistic expectations. The difference between this treatment and a facial is that you actually see long lasting results! C’mon, who hasn’t enjoyed a great spa day, where the esthetician massages your face, your neck, your shoulders and you leave feeling relaxed and refreshed with that “facial glow” about you. So how long does that last? For me, not even 24hrs. And then within a week or so, my skin looks exactly the same as it did before.

So while the PCA Peel may not feel relaxing (you feel a stinging sensation but it’s totally tolerable and goes away quickly), and Aundrea may not be rubbing your toes during the session, I promise you that after the second peel you are going to LOVE YOUR SKIN!

Let me back up. When I came in for my first peel, Aundrea examined my skin and then broke the bad news that I have pigmentation all over my face (thank you high school days of worshipping the sun) and my skin was also very dry (yay! more good news). But I love the confidence Aundrea has in the PCA products because she gave me hope that this treatment process was definitely going to improve my skin texture and appearance.

After the first peel, my skin looked and felt really good. And then the shedding began. It’s called a Peel for a reason…..but it only lasts a few days and your new skin appears. My skin looked a tad bit lighter (e.g. more even) so I was satisfied with the results. But let me tell you it’s the SECOND PEEL that blew my mind. I now know what Dr. Brown means by brighter skin and yes, more even skin tone. I’m not one to wear make up very often but now that my skin looks more even (less sun spots!) I really like to show it off.

I can’t even imagine how great my skin will look after the 5th peel but clearly there’s a method to this madness and I’m definitely on board with it.

So again, for those of you hesitating to try the 5 PEEL PACKAGE, don’t wait! You will not be disappointed. And then you can be part of the Peel Junkie club like me (okay so I may not put that on my resume).

As always, don’t hesitate to call Christie with any questions and I look forward to you joining the club!