PCA Peels Have Arrived!

Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin

PCA Skin has scientifically formulated products that are designed to address specific skin conditions like excess pigment, acne and mature skin. Their blended peels are today's gold standard, and they are totally free of synthetic dyes and fragrances. The synergistic effect of the natural ingredients minimizes fines lines, evens skin tone, treats acne, and infuses the skin with essential antioxidants and vitamins. I have used their excellent daily care products in my practice for the past fifteen years, and have now begun using their peels.

Inflammation is the cause of many problematic skin conditions. Often overly aggressive peels irritate the skin, worsening that inflammation. People often think if a little is good, more is better. This isn't true for skin care. Gentle, slow treatment is actually best and surprisingly it delivers the most dramatic and consistent results. This is even true for Retinol, (Retin A), and the lightening ingredient hydroquinone. Typically the higher strength products can cause dryness and inflammation. Skin care is a marathon, not a sprint; slow and steady wins the race.

Since everyone's skin is unique, it makes sense to customize both daily care and a peel, and the PCA system makes that possible. Your peel will be customized by me personally. I have specific peels for all skin conditions, and while your pores are open from the peel, they will be flooded with specific ingredients needed to optimize your skin condition. The peel is self neutralizing, painless, and is left on the skin. There is basically no downtime from a PCA peel, so when you leave the office, your skin will look healthy and glowing. After a few days, you may experience some mild peeling or flaking, but most of the improvement is happening on a cellular level.

A series of peels is the most effective way to address any skin issue. Gradual change leads to the most healthy and beautiful result. This summer, (through August 30th), I am offering a special price on PCA Peel packages. The packages include a series of 5 peels, a free consult with me, products to prepare your skin for the peel, and a post procedure care kit...all for $550! Also included are extractions and microdermabrasion if I think this would effectively enhance the health of your skin.

Call Christie today to set up your appointment. You'll soon be on the road to healthy, beautiful skin!