Juvederm and Voluma: How are they Different?

Juvéderm and Voluma are both from the Juvéderm family of products; meaning they are both natural hyaluronic acids made by Allergan, the company that also makes Botox. Voluma is thicker, more like a sticky jello, and Juvéderm is slightly thinner, more like pudding.

Voluma is designed to be placed right over the cheekbones to give lift, and re-inflate the fat pads that have gone south over time. So it's main purpose is to refill those sagging areas in the upper face, and provide a structure for the skin. That's why it's thickness is so important. It's really the only filler on the market that provides so much density.

Juvederm, by contrast, is much smoother. It's great for lips and the areas around the mouth that we like to keep very natural looking. It fills easily and evenly, giving a very unaffected look to the treated area.

Despite these basic guidelines, the Juvéderm products are flexible enough so that Dr. Brown can use either filler in both the upper and lower faces, depending on your needs.

Remember that all the Juvéderm products can be dissolved with an enzyme Dr. Brown keeps handy, just in case the results don't make you perfectly happy.

Click here to see some before and after photos, and how YOU might look with some Voluma or Juvéderm.