How Fillers Are Transforming Our Faces

One of the reasons our face looks older as we age is due to the loss of facial fullness and bone, as well as gradually decreasing tissue elasticity, and plain old gravity. The slow downward motion of supporting tissue and fullness makes us look older. Not a pretty sight for most of us. So, what's the answer? Add back that tissue support. We can't really add back the bone, and we can't stop gravity so we have to support what we have left. And here is where fillers come in. For the past year we have been using Juvéderm Voluma to add back that support, and it has revolutionized our ability to move the structure of the face back up where it belongs. So we are now lifting the face with long lasting fillers.

I recently had a second opportunity to train with Dr. Mauricio De Maio, the internationally recognized expert in filler injections. It was an amazing training and I'm anxious to share his new techniques with you. Some of Dr. De Maio's latest innovations involve unique ways to inject the lower face, specifically how to lift the corners of the mouth and make the entire lower third of the face/chin look younger and more attractive. As we age the chin gets more pointed, jowls emerge, and we move toward that unattractive "witchy chin.” There are new ways to smooth and support this area which contributes to a more youthful facial profile.

Please make an appointment to come in and talk to me about these revolutionary and ground breaking techniques in fillers, and how they might transform and compliment your own distinctive look.