Dermapen Treatment Round 2

Dermapen Treatment Round 2 - Getting Even Better! Hi Everyone. You know what they say about the pain of child birth (no, no, I’m not comparing the actual pain of child birth)? How when you’re in the moment, you clearly remember the pain but after a few weeks (okay maybe a few months) you totally forget what the pain was like and you’re willing to endure that process again? Well, I have great news! While I recall (and believe I stated to all of you) what the pain was like for the first Dermapen treatment, round 2 was MUCH LESS PAINFUL... for 2 main reasons.

First, Aundrea applied the numbing cream to my face twice. Second, and this one’s a doozy, Dr. Brown injected novocaine in my upper lip and chin area. Hallelujah! The lip and chin area are probably the most sensitive (aside from the forehead), so when Dr. Brown used one of the deepest levels of the Dermapen on my upper lip, I was doing a major happy dance. I felt NOTHING. Now, I’m not going to sugar coat it....the blessing and the curse of the novocaine is that it works almost immediately in numbing the area but it also wears off pretty quickly. I say this because I don’t want to provide any illusions that the total process was pain-free. pain, no gain. By the third Dermapen pass I would say the pain was not fabulous, but tolerable. However, just like the first time, once the treatment was over, it felt like a mild sunburn with no pain.

Let me tell you, the second treatment is SO WORTH IT! I thought the first treatment made a difference in my skin (my skin looked a bit fuller). There’s a reason you see in fine print a minimum of 3 treatments recommended. For those of you who really know Dr. Brown, you know this is a woman who does not try and gouge her patients. If she feels you aren’t ready for your next Botox treatment, she will tell you (I know this first hand). My point being, if Dr. Brown feels you only need 2 treatments, she will tell you. But having experienced the second treatment you definitely need a minimum of 2.

So if you’re still unsure if Dermapen is right for you, it’s worth the time to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Brown.

Thank you Dr. Brown for really taking care of me and providing me with great results!