Dermapen Really Works!

Hi Everyone. I am a client of Dr. Brown’s but I am also her online marketer. I mention this because as Dr. Brown and I were discussing her new treatment, Dermapen, I told her I was very interested in trying it and would be willing to write about my experience afterwards. I think it’s important for clients to be able to read first hand someone’s experience with a new treatment and especially one that looks possibly painful. So there’s good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad news first....this procedure is uncomfortable. Now, when I say uncomfortable, what I’m really saying is, if you want Dr. Brown to go super deep in the dermis, it’s going to be more painful. I am truly of the belief that without pain there is no gain. You cannot expect for any procedure to lightly touch the surface of your skin and “poof!” you’re going to look years younger. You want younger skin, you have to earn it. And let me tell you....I earned it. The good news is the pain doesn’t last long. Once the procedure is done the pain is virtually gone. Now, are you going to look frightening for a few days? Yes. But I am not kidding when I say, on Day 1 I looked like I belonged in a leper colony and by Day 4 my skin was not only back to 100% normal but it looked FABULOUS! It was that quick.

I’m going to back up so you can understand the full treatment process. While I don’t have acne scars, my skin was definitely showing signs of aging (fine lines above my lips, crows feet, lines on my cheeks, etc.). While some of these “issues” can be resolved through fillers, none of them can offer that youthful glow of fresh skin. When I came into the office, Aundrea, who is so fabulous, took me into the Shangri-La room (I call it that because I love the mini waterfall fountain in there) and she administered a microdermabrasion procedure on my face. The purpose was to get rid of the all the superficial dead skin cells and prepare my skin for battle. After Aundrea sluffed off all the dead skin cells, she applied a thin layer of numbing cream. Let me say right now, don’t be a hero. You MUST use this numbing cream. I recently saw a disgusting video where Kim Kardashian did something called a blood facial (horrific name) and Kim refused numbing cream. No one gets an award for enduring unnecessary pain.

I sat in the Shangri-La room for around 30 minutes and then Dr. Brown took me into her treatment room. I told her it was okay to use the Dermapen on its highest setting because the higher the number the deeper it penetrates the skin and the more significant the results. Keep in mind that for best results it’s suggested to have 3-6 treatments of the Dermapen. If you are looking for cost effective measures, you would be wise to have 3 intense treatments vs. 6 light treatments.

When they say there is a price to beauty, they (whoever “they” are) means it. If you are not willing to endure some pain, don’t expect big results. All I can tell you is my face looks great!

If you are reading this, chances are very good you’ve had one or more treatments from Dr. Brown. She is truly an amazing woman and is so caring and concerned about all of her patients.

If you’re on the fence about Dermapen, I am happy to answer any questions you may have. You can email me at or if you want to email Christie, she can pass along your questions as well.

I hope this helps give you a REAL perspective on this fabulous new treatment!