Juvederm and Voluma: How are they Different?

Juvéderm and Voluma are both from the Juvéderm family of products; meaning they are both natural hyaluronic acids made by Allergan, the company that also makes Botox. Voluma is thicker, more like a sticky jello, and Juvéderm is slightly thinner, more like pudding.

Voluma is designed to be placed right over the cheekbones to give lift, and re-inflate the fat pads that have gone south over time. So it's main purpose is to refill those sagging areas in the upper face, and provide a structure for the skin. That's why it's thickness is so important. It's really the only filler on the market that provides so much density.

Juvederm, by contrast, is much smoother. It's great for lips and the areas around the mouth that we like to keep very natural looking. It fills easily and evenly, giving a very unaffected look to the treated area.

Despite these basic guidelines, the Juvéderm products are flexible enough so that Dr. Brown can use either filler in both the upper and lower faces, depending on your needs.

Remember that all the Juvéderm products can be dissolved with an enzyme Dr. Brown keeps handy, just in case the results don't make you perfectly happy.

Click here to see some before and after photos, and how YOU might look with some Voluma or Juvéderm.

How Fillers Are Transforming Our Faces

One of the reasons our face looks older as we age is due to the loss of facial fullness and bone, as well as gradually decreasing tissue elasticity, and plain old gravity. The slow downward motion of supporting tissue and fullness makes us look older. Not a pretty sight for most of us. So, what's the answer? Add back that tissue support. We can't really add back the bone, and we can't stop gravity so we have to support what we have left. And here is where fillers come in. For the past year we have been using Juvéderm Voluma to add back that support, and it has revolutionized our ability to move the structure of the face back up where it belongs. So we are now lifting the face with long lasting fillers.

I recently had a second opportunity to train with Dr. Mauricio De Maio, the internationally recognized expert in filler injections. It was an amazing training and I'm anxious to share his new techniques with you. Some of Dr. De Maio's latest innovations involve unique ways to inject the lower face, specifically how to lift the corners of the mouth and make the entire lower third of the face/chin look younger and more attractive. As we age the chin gets more pointed, jowls emerge, and we move toward that unattractive "witchy chin.” There are new ways to smooth and support this area which contributes to a more youthful facial profile.

Please make an appointment to come in and talk to me about these revolutionary and ground breaking techniques in fillers, and how they might transform and compliment your own distinctive look.

Voluma and the New Age of Lift

Our ideas about making women look younger have shifted.  Once we just filled in lines and wrinkles.  But now, we have a better concept, because we have a better tool.  We have Voluma.  While filling in fine lines and wrinkles worked, it didn't actually restore a youthful face.  Why not?  Because a really youthful face is dependent on the inflation of fat pads in the upper face and cheeks.  In the past we simply did not have a filler which was able to re-inflate and lift those fat pads naturally.  Now we have that filler....we have Voluma.  

Imagine that a child's face is like a basketball.  Now imagine an older person's face, which is like that same basketball, but with half the air taken out.  This gives you an idea of what aging does to the fat and collagen supporting the face.  Then imagine adding some of that air back into the face.  Not adding it randomly, but just in the right spots to lift the most saggy parts.  Now you can start to imagine what we can do with Voluma.  The older fillers tried to do this.  They attempted to fill  those fat pads, but often unsuccessfully. Today we have a filler which can inflate that basketball, (your face), so that it lifts and looks like it once did.  Not like a chipmunk, or fat, or distorted and strange, but like it did when you were young.   Look at a photo of yourself from 20 years ago and look at your cheeks, look at their position, and then look in the mirror.  When we re-inflate your cheeks in the CORRECT spots, your face lifts up and looks young again.  This is the change we are able to accomplish with Voluma, when it is injected correctly.   

I have recently trained with Dr. Mauricio de Maio, the renowned Brazilian plastic surgeon, who is the world expert in the injection of Voluma.  I am confident with my expertise and Voluma's exceptional quality, I can restore that youthful fullness you once had.  

Take a look at Judy (pic below), my client who is 73!  We injected her with 3 syringes of Voluma and look at the difference in her cheek area.  Look at how it literally lifts her whole face.  And this will last Judy up to 2 years!   

Please give Christie a call and set up a consultation to find out if Voluma is right for you.


Before and after Voluma2

Voluma - The Two Year Miracle

Dr. Brown and I were talking about what one thing on a model’s face makes them look so beautiful and youthful. She flipped through a magazine with me and circled the cheekbone area over and over again. She literally took her pencil and circled the fullness around the cheekbone and it was identical in all the pictures. We were discussing how many patients (including myself) who want more and more filler so we can have that youthful appearance. In actuality, there’s one sweet spot on the face that can make all the difference in the world…..the cheekbones.

Here’s where Voluma comes in. This product is truly a wonder in its field. Voluma, which is made of similar properties as Juvederm, has a patented “VYCROSS” technology that changes the gel so that it lifts better, and lasts longer (hello, up to 2 YEARS!!). In a matter of 30 minutes, Dr. Brown made my very asymmetrical face almost perfectly symmetrical, just by creating volume in my cheek area. And being the neurotic patient that I am, I didn’t want to look drastically different but just more youthful. I should know by now that Dr. Brown is the Queen of natural looking injections.

In the research conducted, women felt they looked 3-5 years younger after getting VOLUMA. And 75% of women were still satisfied after 2 years, which is a good average of how long VOLUMA lasts!

The injection process was pretty painless. Voluma has the same wonderful lidocaine as Juvederm, so once Dr. Brown used a little ice in the area, I was good to go. And for someone who bruises easily I didn’t bruise at all* What I think was most impressive about Voluma is that it not only gave me natural volume in my cheeks, but it also improved the eye area. I was debating getting filler for my tear troughs but after Voluma was injected, it actually lifted the folds under my eyes, giving me a brighter look.

I cannot encourage you enough to call Christie today and set up a free consultation with Dr. Brown. We all know Dr. Brown shoots from the hip so if Voluma is not a perfect treatment for you, Dr. Brown will let you know. It’s so worth finding out!

Voluma Blocked out eyes

*Bruising will vary from patient to patient as well as the number of syringes needed to fill in the cheek area.