Kybella is Coming Soon!

The new fat destroying injection, known as Kybella, is coming soon to Skin Renaissance! I am very excited to start using this newly FDA approved medication which is currently approved for the "double chin" area, AND we are hoping it will soon be available for other areas.

Kybella is a synthetic and safe version of a substance that naturally occurs in your body, called bile. Bile’s sole function is to break down fat. Like soap washes butter off your dinner plates, once Kybella is injected into the area, those particular fat cells die, and are unable to store or hold fat ever again!

The beauty of Kybella is that once the injection takes full effect, it not only kills the fat cells, but then tightens up the surrounding area so there is no loose hanging skin. This drug is so new we also don't know how many treatments each person will need. The average is 2-4 treatments spaced approximately 1 month apart. Exact treatment amounts and time intervals will vary for each person.

We should have Kybella available in about a month. Be sure to look for our upcoming Newsletters for the official announcement.

Not sure if Kybella is right for you? Call Christie and make an appointment for a free consultation with me. I will tell you if you are a candidate for Kybella and if you are, we will immediately add your name to our list to ensure you’re contacted when we get our shipment in the office.

We cannot wait to help our patients see the amazing results of this truly revolutionary product!