Juvederm and Voluma: How are they Different?

Juvéderm and Voluma are both from the Juvéderm family of products; meaning they are both natural hyaluronic acids made by Allergan, the company that also makes Botox. Voluma is thicker, more like a sticky jello, and Juvéderm is slightly thinner, more like pudding.

Voluma is designed to be placed right over the cheekbones to give lift, and re-inflate the fat pads that have gone south over time. So it's main purpose is to refill those sagging areas in the upper face, and provide a structure for the skin. That's why it's thickness is so important. It's really the only filler on the market that provides so much density.

Juvederm, by contrast, is much smoother. It's great for lips and the areas around the mouth that we like to keep very natural looking. It fills easily and evenly, giving a very unaffected look to the treated area.

Despite these basic guidelines, the Juvéderm products are flexible enough so that Dr. Brown can use either filler in both the upper and lower faces, depending on your needs.

Remember that all the Juvéderm products can be dissolved with an enzyme Dr. Brown keeps handy, just in case the results don't make you perfectly happy.

Click here to see some before and after photos, and how YOU might look with some Voluma or Juvéderm.

How Fillers Are Transforming Our Faces

One of the reasons our face looks older as we age is due to the loss of facial fullness and bone, as well as gradually decreasing tissue elasticity, and plain old gravity. The slow downward motion of supporting tissue and fullness makes us look older. Not a pretty sight for most of us. So, what's the answer? Add back that tissue support. We can't really add back the bone, and we can't stop gravity so we have to support what we have left. And here is where fillers come in. For the past year we have been using Juvéderm Voluma to add back that support, and it has revolutionized our ability to move the structure of the face back up where it belongs. So we are now lifting the face with long lasting fillers.

I recently had a second opportunity to train with Dr. Mauricio De Maio, the internationally recognized expert in filler injections. It was an amazing training and I'm anxious to share his new techniques with you. Some of Dr. De Maio's latest innovations involve unique ways to inject the lower face, specifically how to lift the corners of the mouth and make the entire lower third of the face/chin look younger and more attractive. As we age the chin gets more pointed, jowls emerge, and we move toward that unattractive "witchy chin.” There are new ways to smooth and support this area which contributes to a more youthful facial profile.

Please make an appointment to come in and talk to me about these revolutionary and ground breaking techniques in fillers, and how they might transform and compliment your own distinctive look.

No More Granny Lips

No More Granny Lips!


I have been seeing Dr. Brown for years and as you all know, I just recently did the Dermapen treatments (Dr. Brown just saw my skin and said it looked great!).  


Every time I visit Dr. Brown the one thing she wants to do with my face is make my lips fuller.  I remember reading Dr. Brown’s Cinderella Theory of Lip Fillers and remembering what she said about what makes a face look youthful....the lips.  I think I’ve been hesitating because I have this inherent fear of looking like a blowfish.  And you all know what I mean by this.  There isn’t a day in Los Angeles where you walk down the street or go to a mall and see someone who has OBVIOUSLY had their lips done.  


Dr. Brown has an impeccable reputation for specializing in lips but I’ve just been too scared to look any different.....and yet, I know I have those god forsaken granny lips.  


After some consideration and a positive response from my dermapen blog, I felt I owed it to all of you to take the plunge.  I think writing about my experiences at Dr. Brown’s gives you a better sense of what to expect from soup to nuts.  So I dedicate this to those who have been wanting younger, fuller looking lips but have been afraid to take action.  Oh, and I forgot to mention...I LOVE MY LIPS!!


Dr. Brown first examined my lips and discussed with me exactly what she was going to do. She used Juvederm (the kind with novocaine already in it).  And by the way, as a side note, the Juvederm with novocaine is a more expensive syringe but Dr. Brown does not pass the cost on to the client.   


The first step was to numb the entire lip area so I wouldn’t feel any pain (love that!).  And yes, this was in addition to the novocaine in the Juvederm syringe. When I say Dr. Brown had a gentle touch, she really did.  Even getting numb was not painful.  She then continued to test the entire area to ensure I felt nothing before she began.  Once she was done with injecting the Juvederm and shaping my lips she had me take a look in the mirror.  Yes, I was definitely swollen on one side and I had a little bit of bruising (apparently that’s hard to avoid with the lips).  HOWEVER on day 2 my swelling went down considerably and after 2 weeks, I had naturally fuller looking lips.  


Our collective brains are filled with images of old women; just think of the wicked stepmother in Cinderella, or the frightening old woman in Hansel and Gretel. Aside from being scary they are old, toothless and ugly, and our dislike of them is deeply rooted in all of us. This is the power of myth, or collective unconscious, or the storybook, or whatever you want to call it. So when we see thin lips on a woman we can’t help but associate those thin lips with the toothless old women fixed deep in our brains. A mouth with thin, collapsed lips equals “old” to us. We can’t help thinking that, we do it unconsciously, its part of our culture and our myths. A full mouth with plump lips equals “young” to us; imagine a child’s face. Once again, this is part of our culture. It probably stems from the time before dentistry was practiced. During those many centuries as you aged your teeth fell out;   when you lost your teeth your mouth collapsed inward, and your lips thinned. Thus old age equals thin lips.

When women come to my office and ask how they can look younger I check their lips, because fullness in that area is such an important signal.  However, overdoing fullness is almost as bad; it can make you look silly instead of beautiful. But a subtle increase in lip volume using a filler like Juvéderm that looks natural, can remove ten years from your age. It doesn’t do this by the usual methods you might expect like erasing lines or lifting skin. It takes away those years by altering the expectations of the people who are looking at you. Everyone has the Cinderella myth in their heads. It’s important to keep this in mind when you are having cosmetic things done to your face. The people who look at you don’t have magnifying mirrors, they have myths. They actually look at you only very briefly, and then make up the rest of your picture in their minds. They make up that picture based on the stories they have in our collective unconscious, the storybook buried deep in all our brains. If you can give the people who look at you a few really significant clues, the picture they make in their minds will be a young Cinderella, not a wicked old Stepmother.

If you’d like to have me evaluate YOUR lips, give me a call at my office and come in to see me.