Cellulite Spelled Out

So sorry, I have bad news. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that cures cellulite. In fact, between 85-98% of lean women have cellulite, and we should just probably consider it a normal condition. Men usually don’t get cellulite, of course, nor do they get hot flashes. Why am I not surprised? The basic deep structure of women’s skin is just different, and it is prone to cellulite and it’s completely unrelated to your weight. If you don’t have it you should consider yourself very lucky. All the things on the market that are supposed to cure cellulite like endermologie, mesotherapy, vacuums, creams and potions, exercise and lasers; none of them work. They may seem like they work temporarily, but the science shows that the effect is mild and short lived.

So don’t waste your money, don’t worry about it, and just try to move on. Rest assured if something hits the market that DOES WORK, I’ll let you know ASAP. And remember, we’re all in this cellulite nightmare together.