Silhouette Instalift Results

I am happy to report that Instalift really does work!  My down time was about a week (and by downtime, it’s not really severe downtime).  There are certain activities you can’t do such as working out (I really enjoyed skipping that for a week….I had so much extra time!) or sun exposure (which we shouldn’t do anyway).   And, compared to how I usually bruise, this wasn’t too bad.  I do know that it really depends on your skin as to how you’ll respond to the sutures.

Anyway, the aftercare instructions were easier than I thought and I was quite shocked once I took the after pictures (see below).  As you know, when you look at yourself every day it’s hard to notice any significant changes.  It’s only when you compare the before and after photos that you realize this procedure is incredible.  Instalift really does “lift” the skin and gives your face a more toned/tightened look, especially around the jawline, (without the stretched look you can get from a traditional facelift).  

Instalift is definitely an excellent alternative than going under the knife.  Let’s face it, at some point we can’t avoid the inevitable, BUT, if we can prolong it by several years, I’m in! 

See for yourself!



Remember, there is no risk to setting up a free consultation with Dr. Brown to find out if you’re a good candidate for Instalift.  It’s definitely a game changer when it comes to skin enhancement.